Our Picks Of The Top Portable Water Softener Systems

It’s always fun to spend time on the great outdoors. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and with all the stress and pollution we have to deal with at home or at work, it will be nice to escape for a while and appreciate the beauty of nature with our family. But as we are all hyped with all the outdoors activities we can enjoy with our loved ones, there is one thing that we often miss… and that is clean water.

Our Picks Of The Top Portable Water Softener Systems

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Since we are not entirely sure of the water we are going to consume out there, it is highly recommended that you bring a long a reliable water purification system to help you stay refreshed and healthy as you take time to relax and spend quality time with the people that really matter.

 So take time in reading today’s entry as we are going to share our picks of the top portable water softener systems that you can bring along in your next outdoor vacation.

Note: Do bear in mind that all the products we are going to mention here are picked according to popularity and efficiency in terms of producing soft water despite of the portable design of the units.

What Sets A Portable Water Softener Apart From Conventional Water Softener Systems?

Basically, a portable water softener is a type of purification devices that delivers the same functionality as a stationary water softener (whole house water softener systems). In other words, they pretty much do the same thing, but the only difference is that portable device is usually made with a compact design so it can be easily be brought along wherever you want to go. Aside from that, probably the best feature that is so cool about these softeners is that it uses table salt for softening water! So no need to for bulky sacks of water softener salt every time you go on camping, road tripping, or fishing in the nearby river.

Portable Water Softener Is Perfect For Boats Too...

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That’s why these devices are also called as RV Water Softeners as they are purposely made to be compatible with RV’s so you can live comfortably and enjoy the same quality of clean water while spending the summer vacation outdoors.

 To be more specific, portable water softener systems are ideal for those who:
  • Who owns a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and loves vacationing outdoors
  • Boat owners who loves to fish and spend time in open waters
  • Apartment inhabitants who rent the place for a specific amount of time and is planning to move on to another place anytime soon
  • Car connoisseurs who travel often from one state to another to attend car expos and conventions

Use Only The Best Portable Water Softeners For You And Your Family’s Sake

Any camping enthusiast or road trippers would know that outdoor water is filled with contaminants. And even if you are not planning to drink it, chances are you are still going to get rashes due to the germs and bacteria that pollute it (especially on stagnant water areas). So here are the top portable water softener systems you can choose to ensure a limitless supply safe, soft, and clean water wherever you may go:

ABC Waters Portable Water Softener (PPWS16)

ABC Waters Portable Water Softener (PPWS16)

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The PPWS16 model can process up to 2000 gallons of soft water before the next regeneration. That’s why we consider it as the one of the most (if not, the most) efficient portable water softener systems today. And don’t be fooled by its bulky design because the PPWS16 is easy to carry due to its custom made handle and a definite spacesaver. Just install it near the water source and it’s good to go.

Here’s what you get when you purchase the ABC Waters Portable Water Softener (PPWS16):
  • Salt-based water softener
  • 2000 gallons of soft water bet. regenerations
  • Produces soft water in minutes
  • Table/rock salt compatible
  • Ergonomic design
  • Warranty and customer support included

Known Issues: Some users point out that this device does not work well with very high hard water levels. So it’s best to test the hardness of the water first before using this product to get the desired results.

DI-120 CR Spotless Deinonized Water System

DI-120 CR Spotless Deinonized Water System

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What makes this portable water softener is that most people are also using it for washing cars probably because of the spray nozzle being included upon purchase (and it’s great for boat cleaning too). The DI-120 Spotless proves to be one of the most economical units as it can produce 150 gallons of soft water. Though not popularly classified as a “water softener”, the DI-120 still does the job of producing spot-free water as this method of purification has been around for many years.

 Here’s what you get when you purchase the DI-120 CR Spotless Deinonized Water System:
  • Includes 20” resin cartridge
  • De-ionizing method of purifying water to prevent water spots from forming
  • Stainless steel input line
  • Very affordable

Known Issues: Some reviews complain about the cumbersome design and the high maintenance (particularly, during resin replacement) of the device which can cause inconvenience especially when you’re going out on a trip.

Watts RV Pro (1000)

Watts RV Pro (1000) Model Water Softener

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And last but not the least is a portable softening device that is highly praised by its many users. The Watts RV Pro is a definite choice if you are seeking for a portable and mobile water softener. You can also check out one of our previous review regarding this product to know more about the benefits you are getting after purchase.

 Here’s what you get when you purchase the Watts RV Pro (1000):
  • Salt-based water softener
  • Table/rock salt compatible
  • Produces high quality soft water with minimal salt used
  • Affordable

Known Issues: There are no known major issues about this unit.


Which of the 3 portable water softener systems will be the best device to accommodate your outdoor water softening needs? Let us know your pick by sharing your thoughts in our comment sections below.