Indications Of Hard Water That Can Only Be Fixed By A Water Softener

Indications Of Hard Water That Can Only Be Fixed By A Water Softener


Problems come and go. But little do we know you might be facing some issues that foreshadow a string of headaches without even realizing it. And these problems are literally costly if you don’t find a way to deal with it.Enter your text here...

Like for instance, the water that is being supplied in your house. Are you really sure that your water is “clean”..? Yeah maybe it’s safe to drink, but there are actually more contaminants that makes the water tainted other than bacteria. And these impurities can make your tap water ‘hard’.

So if you’re suspecting that your water supply is hard, then you should know about these indications of hard water that can only be fixed by a water softener as we are going to tackle this topic in today’s article.

Take A Closer Look A These Hard Water Signs So You Can Deal With It The Right Way

Water filters may be enough to make your water drinkable, but in a practical sense it’s not going to help you get rid of all the plumbing problems and bathroom stains caused by hard water. So if you want to save money on repairs and replacing items, you need to take action and get a water softener system installed in your house soon.

Here are the common indications that you have a hard water problem at home:

1. You find yourself buying soaps, shampoos, and detergents more often

You may not know this, but hard water actually has a negative effect on soaps and detergents as it makes these products lose their ability to produce lather. Therefore, you are forced to rub the soap against your skin more and more or pour extra detergent in your washer just to produce the kind of bubbles you want to achieve every time you’re using them (given the fact that we are led to believe more bubbles equals more cleaning). And if you continue to do this, you will be spending more on these products than what you’re supposed to.

The Less Bubbles You See, The More Soap You Use...


2. What’s worse your skin gets dry & itchy. And no amount of moisturizer can cure it

Hard water also has a bad effect on skin as the calcium and magnesium tends to “suck” away the nutrients and makes the outer layer of the skin look dry and leathery. And in effect, it also makes our skin very itchy. Moreover, hard minerals don’t dissolve well in water, so they stick to the skin and block the pores which can cause comedo and inflammation in the process.

Hard Water Makes Your Skin Dry & Itchy


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Soaps, lotions, and creams may help alleviate the effect temporarily, but the dryness of your skin will continue as long as your water supply is not treated with a water softener. And so buying a lot of moisturizing agents won’t help either because if you do then you’re only submitting yourself to the vicious cycle of overspending due to the problems that hard water is causing you.

3. Dry hair

You think that overexposure to sun and hairstyling products are the only cause of dry hair? Well, you’re wrong because hard water can also make your hair strands look stiff and frizzy since the scalp is not nourished properly.

Bad Hair Days...


Again, the use of hair care products might help, but more bad hair days will surely come your way if you don’t purify your water source with an efficient water softener system.

4. Faded, dull-looking clothes

Believe Us When We Say You Wouldn't Wanna Get Caught By The Fashion Police Wearing This...


Most of us think the use of strong detergents and bleach will actually make the clothes appear old and unattractive. And while this mostly true in certain cases, one of the ‘unseen’ factors that can ruin quality your garments is by washing them over and over with hard water.

The more you wash your clothes, the more old-looking it gets. So in effect, you will likely to switch to another detergent brand with a milder cleaning power or just discard the old wardrobe and replace it with a new set of clothes. In short, you are again splurging on something that could have been avoided.

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Hence, it’s better to buy a water softener now and extend the lifespan of your clothes than to constantly change your apparel ahead of time.

5. Clogged pipes, stained bath tubs, and scale on faucets

Clogged Water Pipes And Showeheads Will Reduce The Flow Pressure Of Your Water...


Lastly, these indicators may be the most popular when you talk of hard water problems. Hard minerals are notorious for causing these troubles at home and they are so nasty that you need to repair your water pipes and bathroom fixtures to keep them in good running condition. So if you don’t want to face the ordeal of redundant repairs, then you should fix a water softener system in your house as soon as possible. It’s doesn’t matter whether if it’s a salt-based, salt-free, portable, or alternative variety because for sure they will take care of hard mineral problems in water the moment you install it.


If you find any of these indications of hard water at home today, then you have to act fast to avoid wasting money. Have a water softener system installed and enjoy the full benefits of safe clean water that can also help you to save money. Hope you find this article to be informative. See you in our next entry!