Another Best Picks For Portable Water Filters

Hi there! In our last entry, we gave you our top 3 choices of portable water filters that you can use for outdoor activities and survival situations. We hope that you find that article to be very informative…Credit: tradeindia.comAnd just in case you haven’t found your ideal product in that entry and you’re still craving […]

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Our Top 3 Picks For Portable Water Filters

Are you a fan of “The Walking Dead”? This television series is probably the most successful post-apocalyptic zombie-themed TV shows of all time. And though the show depicts a gruesome yet interesting take on the zombie apocalypse, it still managed to captivate the hearts of many fans. Thus, earning an ever worthy cult status.Credit: bgeekyblog.comApart […]

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Our List Of The Top Salt-Free Water Softeners

Credit: thewatersoftener.comLet’s face it, you don’t see the word “salt” and “healthy” in a same sentence that often. And probably the same can be said for health-conscious individuals and the topic of salt-based water softeners. For no matter how we find conventional water softener systems to be very effective in removing hard minerals, there are […]

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